Personal Support

Contributing your time in Highfield Healthcare as a volunteer is a unique and special way to make a difference and it can be very rewarding. But it can also be emotionally challenging so never be shy about asking for help, it’s the way to remain strong.  There are likely to be times when you might feel a sense of anxiety as a result of a residents passing and you may need to talk to someone about dealing with the emotional impact of volunteering with us.

Support meetings can be arranged through the Volunteer Coordinator or Chaplain – help is at hand and you should never feel you are on your own.


The Volunteer Coordinator will update you via the usual means, of events or training that might be of interest. If you have any suggestions regarding some aspect of service, please share it with the Volunteer Coordinator or Unit Manager as we are always trying to find new ways to improve the services we provide.


Our canteen is a great place to chat with colleagues and take a welcome break when needed. Tea/Coffee and bread/toast is provided free of charge to volunteers but you must wear your t-shirt and badge to avail of these refreshments. Volunteers who are in around lunchtime from 1245-1430 can avail of a lunch/dinner free of charge in the canteen but again must be wearing t-shirt and badge. If volunteers want to partake of refreshments in the coffee shop this is not covered by the organisation. Occasionally, volunteers can accompany residents to the coffee shop as a special treat, please check with Unit Manager first to ascertain if resident has any special dietary/ medical constraints. Also clear the visit with the Volunteer Coordinator as they will need to sign for the refreshments.


We are happy to have the space to provide parking facilities for the volunteers.  There should be ample parking either in staff car park to the left as you drive in. We ask that all volunteers to be considerate of others and their needs and not to use spaces that are designated for other purposes, such as parking made available for wheelchair users.


Important Notice


Please note that currently we are experiencing intermittent issues with out phone lines. 


We are actively working on this but if you cannot reach us on 01 8374444, please call us on 085 2204106.


We apologise for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.