Our Volunteers


The volunteers here at Highfield Healthcare make such a difference to the residents they interact with and their input complements the work of our staff so well.

Here’s a look at a few of the things our volunteers have been getting up to recently…

Musical Memories

Inspired by the documentary ‘Alive Inside‘, Volunteer Coordinator Helen Hennessy was determined to introduce a new kind of musical experience to Highfield Healthcare’s residents. We sat down with Helen to discuss the project which sees our wonderful volunteers reawakening musical memories for the ladies and gentlemen in our service.

We hope you enjoy our short video (above) all about this special project.

Therapeutic Hand Massage


A group of volunteers from here in Highfield hospital were recently awarded their certificates in Therapeutic Hand Care. Participants took part in a one-day course in Therapeutic Hand Care run by the Irish Red Cross.

Our volunteers learned the specialised techniques of hand massage and manicure. The group are now qualified for three years and will bring this service to our units for residents to enjoy.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Highfield Healthcare please visit the Volunteer section of our website.





Please continue to  follow hand hygiene and wearing of  masks while on our premises.


At Highfield Healthcare, the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, patients, staff, volunteers and visitors is of paramount importance to us. 

We are regularly updating our plans for all services and will keep families updated with any details regarding visiting your loved ones.


For any general queries, please contact us on 01 8374444.