Tools for Self-Care

Members of our multidisciplinary team, working within our mental health services, have come together to create a number of useful resources that you are welcome to avail of.

Creative Self-Care with Art Therapy

Our Art Psychotherapist, Helen May shared her advice on tapping into your creativity as a form of self-care. There are four exercises for you to choose from, and as Helen says, there is no right or wrong way to get creative and you can simply use what you have at hand.

Below, Helen has recorded a short creative visualization for us all to take part in. Set aside 5 minutes of your day to switch off, listen to Helen’s voice and allow yourself to be present.

Music Therapy for Wellness

Paula Higgins is Highfield Healthcare’s Music Therapist, working with individuals across our Mental Health and Care for The Elderly services. Paula has created the following 15 minute guided mediation. We encourage you to find a quiet space and take some time to simply focus on your breath.

Below, Paula shares some grounding & strengthening songs from around the world. Singing is a great way to connect with yourself and feel more present. So we hope these exercises can help boost your mood in times of stress or anxiousness.

If you are looking to incorporate music into more of your day-to-day life, Paula has also provided the following tips for you.

Mindfulness Exercises

The practice of mindfulness aims to help us to train our attention so we are more aware of what is happening in the here-and-now, in a curious, non-judgmental way. Clinical Psychologist, Dr Treasa McCarthy, leads us in an exercise in mindfulness of the breath.

MINDFULNESS can help to;
– reduce stress
– improve sleep
– practice self-compassion

Muscle tension is one of the body’s natural responses to fear and anxiety and was designed to help our bodies prepare for potentially dangerous situations. Even though some of those situations may not actually be dangerous, our bodies respond in the same way.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is an evidence-based technique aimed at reducing muscular tension and psychological stress. During the exercise below, Clinical Psychologist Dr Siobhain Daly will help us become more aware of our muscles, how they respond to tension, and how we can relax them in the moment.


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