Our Services

Highfield Healthcare provides mental health services to adults and older persons within Highfield Hospital and the Hampstead Clinic Services.  The general adult mental health services has seen significant development over recent years.  Additionally, the organisation is also highly regarded for its expertise in the care of older people living with dementia including Alzheimer’s and the challenges associated with ageing.

Highfield Healthcare incorporates Highfield Hospital and Hampstead Clinic Services as the “Approved Centre” registered by the Mental Health Commission and the Nursing Home Services registered by HIQA.

Existing facilities include;

  • Mental Health Services:
    • Highfield Hospital which provides care for older persons with mental health problems
    • Hampstead Clinic Services incorporating a general adult acute Inpatient Unit and Day Hospital programme
    • Outpatient Clinics
  • Nursing Home Services:
    • The Alzheimer Care Centre
    • Elmhurst Nursing Home

Of key importance to the Board of Highfield Healthcare is ensuring that services remain responsive to changing needs. Therefore, our models of treatment and care are highly dynamic, innovative, and accessible and are based on principles of best practice leading to high quality and safe treatment and care for all patients and residents.




Please continue to  follow hand hygiene and wearing of  masks while on our premises.


At Highfield Healthcare, the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, patients, staff, volunteers and visitors is of paramount importance to us. 

We are regularly updating our plans for all services and will keep families updated with any details regarding visiting your loved ones.


For any general queries, please contact us on 01 8374444.