Everyone who has decided to become a volunteer in Highfield Healthcare has a personal reason to be here; some people have experienced our services and others just want to give back to their community.


Whatever the reason you are here, we hope you feel valued and enjoy the time you have helping our residents, interacting with family members and staff and being part of the volunteer community here in Highfield Healthcare.  Voluntary activity must complement the work of paid staff, not substitute for it.

The volunteers are an essential part of the Highfield Healthcare team. Management, staff and families have a deep appreciation for their generous contributions. At Highfield Healthcare we are committed to providing all of the supports we can to make the volunteer experience as positive and rewarding as possible.



Visitor Restrictions

****As per recent government guidelines, please do not travel into Highfield Healthcare if you are coming directly from countries not on the government's travel green list (and have not completed the mandatory restriction of movements for a 14 day period) as unfortunately you will not be allowed entry into the building.****

At Highfield Healthcare, the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, patients, staff, volunteers and visitors is of paramount importance to us.  In line with government guidelines on easing visitor restrictions to residential care facilities, we are regularly updating our plans for all services and will keep families updated with any progress as to when you can visit your loved ones.

Please note we are unable to accommodate any unplanned visits.

For any general queries, please contact our Family Support Line on 01 8865449.

Communication with Residents

In line with guidance provided by NHI, we have set up access for face-to-face calls in order to facilitate communication through a screen during periods of restrictions.

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