Nursing Graduate Open Days | March 2019

Are you a recent or soon-to-be Nursing Graduate? Then we would love to meet you! 

Highfield Healthcare are hosting three Nursing Graduate Open Days through the month of March; an opportunity for prospective candidates to hear about our Graduate Programme, get to know the organisation and our people a little better.

WEDNESDAY 20th March, 11:00 until 16:00

WEDNESDAY 27th March, 11:00 until 16:00

THURSDAY 28th March, 11:00 until 16:00

We currently have openings for  Staff Nurses (RPN & RGN), Healthcare Assistants, Recovery Support Workers, and Psychology Graduates, as our services grow and evolve. Come along for an introduction to careers with Highfield Healthcare!

We have flexible working opportunities including full-time, part-time and relief opportunities, and we would love you to join our team.

We also welcome experienced RGNs, RPNs, CNMs and Allied Healthcare Professionals to attend. Please bring a copy of your CV for consideration.

If you have any questions about these event, or would simply like to enquire about careers at Highfield Healthcare, please get in touch with our HR department; email or call 01-837 4444.

Nursing Careers | Recruitment Open Day

Exciting Nursing Career Opportunities: Are you thinking of returning to Ireland or thinking about a new career for 2019?

Why not come along to our Recruitment Open Day on Thursday the 27th of December.

We have job opportunities for NURSES (RPN & RGN) throughout 2019.

Located on the Swords Road in Whitehall, Dublin 9, our Open Day will take place between 11am and 4pm.

Come along for an introduction to nursing careers with Highfield Healthcare, and remember to bring a copy of your CV with you for consideration.

For queries, call +353 1 837 4444 or email

World Mental Health Day 2018

 On the 10th of September each year, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. This year, Highfield Healthcare are delighted to be included in Hot Press magazine’s dedicated Mental Health Special Issue.

Nick Smith, Clinical Nurse Coordinator from our Day Hospital, spoke with the magazine about what is really means to be a client within this service.

With an aim to demystify the realities of mental health treatment in Ireland, Nick covers all aspects from being referred by a GP to the types of therapy being utilized here in Highfield Healthcare.

You can read the full feature by clicking on the image below or by picking up a copy of Hot Press, where you will find countless other stories and resources from the field of mental health.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018


Working in the field of Mental Health, days like today are very important to us here at Highfield Healthcare. Each year, on the 10th of September, we are asked to remember World Suicide Prevention Day. It is an opportunity for us all to take some time to reflect on the real and lasting impact suicide can and does have on our society – both locally and globally.

Watch our video below to learn about some simple ways you can help be a part of suicide prevention. You can also learn more about World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 by downloading the International Association for Suicide Prevention’s (IASP) brochure here.


If you would like to mark this special day, the IASP invites participants all over the world to Light a Candle near a window at 8pm on WSPD as a symbol of support for suicide prevention, and for many it is a means of remembering a loved one.

Family Business: Newstalk Interview

Highfield Healthcare’s CEO, Stephen Eustace joined Vincent Wall and Aidan Donnelly on Newstalk for the Breakfast Business show on 17th August.

Stephen was in studio to discuss the ins and outs of running a family business now in it’s sixth generation. From it’s inception in 1825 to looking to the future with the 35 members of the seventh generation of the Eustace family, Stephen gave an insight into the Whitehall based organisation.

Listen back below to hear all about the services Highfield Healthcare currently provides and how we got to where we are today!


A Family Caring For Irish People Since 1825


This week Highfield Healthcare CEO, Stephen Eustace spoke to Ellie Donnelly at The
Irish Independent: Business all about Highfield Healthcare.

The interview appeared in The Irish Independent on Thursday the 26th of July, and details the history of the family-run organisation, the journey it has taken to it’s current iteration and the plans the sixth generation of the Eustace family have for the future.

“Long-term thinking appears to be an enduring trait in the family business. 

Today, Highfield Healthcare is a modern, private care facility for elderly patients and those with mental health issues in Dublin’s Whitehall. Stephen and his cousin, Dr Andrew Eustace, are the sixth generation of the family to operate the business. Patient records go right back the earliest days.”

You will find the full article on the by clicking here.

One Small Step | Men’s Health Week

Every year, on the week leading up to Father’s Day, organisations across the world come together to shine a light on men’s health issues. During 2018 Men’s Health Week has run from Monday 11th until Sunday 17th June, and the theme for this year takes inspiration from Neil Armstrong famous lunar saying;

“One small step for [a] man. One giant leap for mankind”

And the question we now pose to men of all ages is; what’s your small step going to be?

Nick Smith is the Clinical Nurse Coordinator in Highfield Healthcare’s Day Hospital, and he took on the challenge of examining the small steps he takes everyday to take care of his health.


For me sleep is a really important aspect of my day to day health.  I need a good pattern of sleep, otherwise I can feel a little lethargic and at times irritable.

I like to think that I have a good bed time routine, aiming to be in bed around the same time each night. As a result find that I wake at a set time each morning too. In the run up to sleeping, I limit my use of electronic devices; phones/watching TV,  for about an hour beforehand. I also try to limit the amount of caffeinated drinks that I consume after 6pm.

Occasionally I have difficulty getting to sleep particularly if the weather is warm or if there is a bit of noise around the house – luckily earplugs tend to sort that out.


For me this is a really important part of my life. I like being out in the fresh air as I find it very invigorating, particularly as my job is mainly office-based. I find being outdoors and availing of exercise gives me more energy and reduces stress levels.  I actively participate in walking events and utilize my local leisure centre to swim and use the gym equipment. I also enjoy playing football and cricket, and having the pleasure factor in getting active makes it easier to maintain.

Balanced Diet

I eat much healthier now than I did  in my younger years. I have cut out a lot of the junk food; saturated fats and processed foods, that I would have eaten previously. This change in my diet has made me feel physically healthier and more energized. It’s fair to say that I have lost a little bit of weight and reduced my Cholesterol levels also. I also take a multi vitamin each day to make sure I am not deficient in any basic nutrients.

Keeping In Contact

One area that I need to manage a little better is keeping in touch with family and friends more than I have done in recent times.  As I aim to improve,  I try to set aside time through the course of the week where I speak with family/friends that are not living in Ireland. I think it’s important to be able to talk to others and get support and advice as needed.

Keeping social is also important to me. I enjoy being around people who make me laugh and this most certainly reduces stress levels and boosts my mood.

If you would like to learn more about what small steps you may be able to take to benefit your health, you can visit the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland website, where you will find a wealth of information on the topic.

Aware Support & Self Care Group at Highfield Healthcare

The weekly Aware Support & Self Care Group meets every Wednesday in the group room, Hampstead Day Hospital, Highfield Healthcare at 7:30pm and is open only to clients of Highfield who experience depression, bipolar disorder and mood related conditions.

Why Attend?

Aware Support & Self Care Groups offer a unique opportunity to talk openly about depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other mood related conditions and their impact. Peers share their experience and understanding and offer an exchange of thoughts and techniques around self-care and resilience in a supportive, confidential and proactive environment.

Who Can Attend?

Any adult who is experiencing depression bipolar disorder or mood related condition is welcome. No referral is needed, although if attending a doctor or therapist, Aware recommends that you keep them informed.

Highfield Healthcare staff and management welcome Support Group Facilitators Sharon, Joanne, Dáire and Kieron.

What To Expect?
When you arrive at an Aware Support & Self Care Group, you are greeted by two Aware volunteer facilitators who provide you with literature about Aware services.

The facilitators open the meeting providing an overview of what you can expect, outlining the group rules including confidentiality* and explaining the purpose of the Aware Support Group. Facilitators introduce themselves by their first name only and invite all attending to do likewise. The meeting is declared open to anyone who would like to share.

Someone in the group shares their thoughts and feelings. To gain understanding for the group, a facilitator may ask some questions to clarify what has been shared.

The facilitator asks the person sharing if they want feedback from the group and if so, opens to the group for their thoughts and support. A facilitator briefly summarises any options offered by the group before allowing the space for others to share.

A proactive approach is used throughout the Support Group meeting in which participants can express emotion, acknowledge feelings, question thoughts and beliefs and focus particularly on helpful actions they can take.

*Confidentiality within normal limits

For more information on Aware services, please visit

Love Notes, Snowfalls & World Thinking Day

Let’s look back at what we got up to here at Highfield Healthcare during the month of February.


Kildare FM

Dr Miriam Kennedy took to the airwaves once more, joining Ciara Plunkett the Kildare Focus show on Kfm Radio Kildare on the 5th of February. The pair spoke about the power in talking about mental illness and finding the language to communicate through difficult times.

In another captivating conversation, Dr Miriam drew on the words of the late poet Seamus Heaney, to explain the power in talking about mental illness and finding the language needed to help break through mental health issues.

You can listen back to their discussion on the Kildare FM Soundlcloud.

Valentine’s Surprise

In the lead up to Valentines Day, the pupils of Holy Child Boys’ National School in Whitehall, have used their art classes to work on a special project. The idea came from a teacher within the school, who also happens to volunteer her time here at Highfield Healthcare.

Getting to know the residents across our Care Of The Elderly services, she decided to get her pupils involved in a special project to add a little extra joy to their day, on the 14th of February. The colourful creations were made especially for the elderly residents of Highfield Healthcare, to spread a little love on the 14th of February.

 World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day fell on the 22nd of February. It was the perfect opportunity to put together a little video on the workings of the mind.
The brain is a powerful tool we can all learn to use to our advantage.

World Thinking Day 2018 | Highfield Healthcare

Some food for thought this #WorldThinkingDay ?The brain is a powerful tool we can all learn to use to our advantage.#HighfieldHealthcare #MentalHealthMatters #ItsOKNottoFeelOK

Posted by Highfield Healthcare on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Snow in Spring

Like much of the country, Highfield Healthcare was visited by the Beast From The East and Storm Emma in late February.

Their stay lasted into the first days of March of course, and being located in the red warning zone are grounds were transformed by a thick blanket of springtime snow.

Thanks to our amazing staff and the provisions made by management the majority of our services were able to continue uninterrupted.

Highfield Healthcare’s CEO shared the following message in thanks to the staff after five days of extraordinary circumstances;

 I really felt we came together as colleagues and friends and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we had a safe place for all under our care.

My residing thought coming out of the last few days is that we have wonderful individuals working in Highfield and it was amazing how everyone pulled together

with a common goal, as our mission statement reads, in the care of friends.”


A Very Special Valentine’s Day Delivery



For the past few weeks the pupils of Holy Child Boys’ National School in Whitehall, have used their art classes to work on some very special Valentine’s Day cards. These colourful creations were made especially for the elderly residents of Highfield Healthcare, to spread a little love this St. Valentine’s Day.

The idea came from a teacher within the school, who also happens to volunteer her time here at Highfield Healthcare. Getting to know the residents across our Care Of The Elderly services, she decided to get her pupils involved in a special project to add a little extra joy to their day, this 14th of February.

It’s safe to say that our residents were absolutely delighted to receive the thoughtful messages from the boys, when they were delivered. A big thank you to the boys!




Visitor Restrictions as Recommended by HSE and Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI)

For the protection of our residents, visiting restrictions remain in place in Highfield Healthcare.

No visitors, children or groups are allowed effective immediately.

Communication with Residents

In line with guidance provided by NHI, we have set up access for face-to-face calls in order to facilitate communication through a screen during periods of restrictions.

Click here for more information.