Forest Therapy at Highfield Healthcare

One of the great things about the campus here at Highfield Healthcare are the beautiful grounds. You might be surprised to hear that the wonderfully tended flora surrounding our building are in use for Forest Therapy with some of our service-users.

Forest Therapy falls under the umbrella of Ecotherapy, which is an evidence based intervention in mental health; the practice of spending time in forested areas to enhance health, wellness, and happiness.

Recently here at Highfield Healthcare we decided to take a closer look at this innovative adjunct therapy, so that staff, residents and visitors could learn all about it. Across our social media, we shared videos and images on the subject, which can still be found on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

A competition was run among the staff, where they were invited to submit their experiences in connecting with nature – a photo, poem or simply a couple of lines. Then staff could experience Forest Therapy first hand during a staff well-being walk. The walk lasted for about an hour, during which the group explored the grounds with qualified Forest Therapy Guide Shirley Gleeson (Senior Social Worker here at Highfield Healthcare) and focused on the benefits a connection with nature can have on our well-being.

What is really special about Forest Therapy is how accessible the practice is to everyone. You can take part in guided walks like those we engage our service users in, or you can take a few moments to yourself to connect one on one with nature.

Here are some helpful tips on how you too, can engage with forest therapy;



Visitor Restrictions as Recommended by HSE and Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI)

For the protection of our residents, visiting restrictions remain in place in Highfield Healthcare.

No visitors, children or groups are allowed effective immediately.

Communication with Residents

In line with guidance provided by NHI, we have set up access for face-to-face calls in order to facilitate communication through a screen during periods of restrictions.

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