Dr Andrew Eustace MB Bch BAO(NUI) LRCP&SI MRCPI MRCPsych


Andrew Eustace is the Clinical Director of Highfield Healthcare.  A graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, he completed his general medical training attaining his medical membership in 1996.  He commenced training in psychiatry securing his MRCPsych in 1999 and worked as a Research Fellow in the Mercer’s Institute for Research in Ageing publishing in the area of dementia.  Following completion of his Higher Training in Psychiatry of Old Age in 2003 he took up a full-time consultant psychiatrist position in Highfield Healthcare and has maintained this area of interest with the opening of the Highfield Healthcare Memory Clinic.

He has published extensively in the areas of recognition of early dementia and behavioural problems in dementia.  Since then he has completed further studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has provided the clinical lead in the development of the acute psychiatric unit here in the Hampstead Clinic commissioned in June 2012.  Within the general adult acute mental health services, his particular interest and expertise is evident in psychopharmacology and treatment of resistant depression and bipolar disorder.  Having worked in community psychiatry he has been committed to the development of a Day Hospital service to complement the inpatient unit and has been integral to its development and commissioning in November 2016.  Dr. Eustace also provides a liaison psychiatric service to the Mater Private Hospital, Dublin.

Dr. Miriam Kennedy, MB BCh BAO BSc PhD MRCPsych MCPsychI ALCM


Dr Miriam Kennedy is a dual qualified Consultant Psychiatrist in both general adult psychiatry (over 18 until 65 years) and Later Life (over 65) with a particular interest in Depression. She also has, for many years, focused on the role of stress in illness, on empathy , hope and resilience factors in recovery and of non-pharmacological approaches in depression and in dementia.  With an additional doctorate in medical physiology and a qualification in interpersonal psychotherapy (emphasising the effect of relationships and environment on mood and vice versa) her approach emphasises a holistic person-centred view.

She also works with a multidisciplinary team in Highfield Hospital and the Hampstead Clinic inpatient and day hospital services, who incorporate this person centred approach into treatments.   Dr Kennedy’s experience in education, teaching and learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels convinces her that the capacity to heal, to improve quality of life after illness and/or life trauma or crises and to alleviate distress is great. Research and professional interests include capacity and consent to treatment and medical education.

Dr. Denis Eustace, LRCPSI., MRCPsych

Dr Denis Eustace

Dr. Denis Eustace is a Consultant Psychiatrist of Later Life, a position he took up in Highfield Healthcare in 1983. Prior to joining Highfield Healthcare he worked in Canada as a Consultant Psychiatrist. When he returned he became the Clinical Director, a position he held for over thirty years. During this time he had been responsible for developing and expanding services in dementia care. He opened Ireland’s first dementia dedicated unit in 1990 and subsequently a High Dependency Unit,  as well as a centre for Enduring Mental Illness.

More laterally he was actively involved in the development of a new two hundred bed facility that opened its doors in 2012. Today he continues to work as a full time Psychiatrist practicing in both disciplines of General Adult Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Later Life.

Dr Marina Bowe, MB, BCH,BAO, MRCPsych

Dr Marina Bowe is a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist.  A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, after working for two years in medicine and paediatrics she commenced training with the Dublin University Rotational Psychiatric training scheme. She became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2003 and completed higher training in General Adult Psychiatry in 2009. In 2010 she commenced working as a consultant in the Dublin West South West Mental Health Services. In addition to working as a consultant in General Adult Psychiatry she has worked in rehabilitation, old age and psychiatry of intellectual disability at consultant level.

Dr Bowe has a background in service development and has previously worked with the Genio in the role of Programme Manager for Mental Health. Her publications include being lead author on a book “Home not Hospital” which looks at the evolution of Ireland’s first home treatment team. Her area of interest is in the delivery of recovery focused Mental Health Services. Marina has provided “Recovery Consultancy” to the National Advancing Recovery in Ireland initiative. She has had additional training the areas of personal recovery and social role valorisation.

Dr Martina Ryan, MB, BCh, BAO, MRCPsych, MD, MSc

Dr Martina Ryan is a General Adult Psychiatrist with an interest in the interaction between physical and mental illness. She completed a Medical Doctorate in 2004 before undertaking her Higher Training in psychiatry in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she gained experience in service development, Home Based Treatment, and Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies.

She returned to Ireland and completed an MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Her research interests include physical abnormalities in patients with mental illness, the physical consequences of stress, and quality improvement in mental healthcare with a focus on psychiatric services based in the general hospital. She has published on patient satisfaction with their experience of attending a psychiatric service.

In addition to her role as a Liaison Psychiatrist, Dr Ryan also worked at Consultant level in Student Health, based at University College Dublin. She has a particular interest in treating young adults.

Alongside working closely with her colleagues in Highfield Healthcare, Dr Ryan provides a liaison service to the Bons Secours Hospital and the Mater Private Hospital.

Dr. Sarah O’ Dwyer, MB, BAO, BCh, BMedSc, MRCPsych, MCPsychI, MSc

Dr. Sarah O’ Dwyer is a dual trained general adult psychiatrist and psychiatrist of later life. She graduated from University College Cork in 2004. She worked in the Mercy University Hospital Cork before travelling to Australia to work in both palliative care and emergency medicine. She returned to Ireland in 2007 where she completed her undergraduate psychiatric training with the Dublin University Rotational Psychiatric Training Scheme. She moved back to Australia to undertake higher specialist training in psychiatry of later life in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

She returned home to Ireland in 2012 to complete her dual specialist psychiatric training. As part of this training she worked as a research clinician with Mercers Institute for Research on Ageing (MIRA), St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, on several European research projects investigating pharmacological interventions in dementia and the use of biomarkers in the diagnosis of dementia.

She has a particular interest in memory, cognitive impairment and dementia and holds a Masters degree in ‘Neuroimaging for Research’ from the University of Edinburgh. She has published in the area of neurodegeneration and the role of CSF biomarkers in neurodegenerative research. She also has a keen interest in later life care and wellbeing, including the assessment of capacity and  non-pharmacological interventions for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. Other interests include psychopharmacology in major mental illness including depression and psychosis.